Uzbekistan’s New Vaping Rules: What You Need to Know and How to Comply

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Hold onto your vapes, folks, because Uzbekistan is shaking things up! As of January 1, 2025, vaping in Uzbekistan will never be the same. Thanks to Resolution No. 290 of the Cabinet of Ministers, we’re about to enter a brave new world of e-cigarette regulations. So, what does this mean for all you vape enthusiasts and vape manufacturers out there? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of Uzbekistan’s latest vaping laws with a lighthearted, humorous twist.

The Great Nicotine Liquid Limit: A Tricky Tale

Ever felt like 5 ml just isn’t enough to quench your vaping thirst? Well, it’s time to get creative because that’s your new limit in Uzbekistan! The government’s decided that more than 5 ml in disposable e-cigarettes is just too much of a good thing. Cartridges? They’re capped at 2 ml. And for those who like to stock up, bottled e-liquids can only go up to 10 ml. Think of it as a forced exercise in moderation, like trying to eat just one potato chip. Spoiler alert: it’s not easy, but it’s doable.

The Banned Substance Bonanza

Uzbekistan’s regulators have gone full kitchen-cleanout mode on e-cigarette liquids. Diacetyl? Gone. Vitamins C and E? Not happening. Vitamin E acetate, caffeine, taurine, guarana? You get the idea—they’re all banned. It’s like someone took the ingredients list from a trendy health smoothie and decided it didn’t belong in your vape. So, if you were hoping to get your daily dose of vitamins and a caffeine kick from your e-cigarette, you’re out of luck. Better stick to good old-fashioned fruit and coffee for that.

Horror Show Packaging: A New Look for E-Cigarettes

Ever wondered what your vape might look like if it were auditioning for a horror movie? Wonder no more! Uzbekistan’s new regulations require “horror pictures” on e-cigarette packaging to scare the nicotine addiction right out of you. Imagine opening a fresh pack and being greeted by gruesome images designed to warn you of the perils of vaping. It’s like Halloween every day, but instead of candy, you get a stark reminder of nicotine’s dark side. Consider it a new form of thrill—vaping with a side of fright.

Heated Tobacco: Getting the Cold Shoulder

Heated tobacco products aren’t escaping the regulatory wrath either. Just like their e-cigarette cousins, they’re subject to ingredient bans and horror picture requirements. Gone are the days of carefree puffing on a heated tobacco stick without a second thought. Now, every puff comes with a side of caution, and every pack screams, “Are you sure you want to do this?” It’s a tough love approach to ensure you’re really committed to your habit.

Certification Station: The Final Hurdle

If you thought getting your vape or heated tobacco product to market was hard before, brace yourself for the mandatory certification process. Every product must pass safety and quality checks before hitting the shelves. It’s like trying to get a gold star in school, but the stakes are higher. No certification, no circulation. Simple as that. So, gear up, vape producers—it’s time to prove your products are up to snuff!


Uzbekistan is introducing comprehensive new regulations for e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products, set to take effect on January 1, 2025, according to local news website NUZ.UZ. Resolution No. 290 of the Cabinet of Ministers specifies that disposable e-cigarettes cannot exceed 5 ml of nicotine liquid, cartridges are limited to 2 ml, and bottled e-liquids to 10 ml. Additionally, a range of substances, including diacetyl, vitamins C and E, vitamin E acetate, caffeine, taurine, and guarana, are banned from e-cigarette liquids. The regulations also mandate “horror pictures” on packaging to warn consumers of nicotine addiction risks. Heated tobacco products are subject to similar restrictions, and all products must undergo mandatory certification for safety and quality before market release. This regulatory shift aims to ensure consumer safety and end the previously unregulated state of the market.

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