Johnson Creek Vapor Co. Review

As they say at Johnson Creek E Liquid: theirs is not just e liquid. It’s Smoke Juice, referring perhaps to the fact that there is no such thing as a non-tobacco e liquid on their menu. The gauge does not include a “zero” but swings from 1 to 8 on the tobacco scale. The same is true for throat hit, vapor production, and sweetness. Johnson Creek rates their liquids precisely.

Johnson Creek Is Now Closed.

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Rating the Juice: Johnson Creek E Liquid Review

Before you read what reviewers have to say in write-ups laid out beneath products, the company does its best to ensure customers know what they are getting. The needle on each of four dashboard-style gauges points to those aforementioned numbers 1 to 8.

You know from these numbers whether a liquid will be sweet, bold, smooth, etc. As for reviews, the company insists these have not been edited and no bad comments have been taken out unless they were crude.

Customers do not have to click on one of Johnson Creek’s 20+ juice flavors to find out which are the sweet and bold liquids. Go to the left-hand side bar. Under the heading for “sweetness” there are links to juices that are not sweet at all, lightly sweet, fairly sweet, and strongly sweet. Under “throat hit,” discover smooth, fair, and strong flavors. Vapor production is differentiated as light, medium, or thick.

With reports of allergies and opposition to propylene glycol, select propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin or Red Oak VG-only liquids. Choose a tobacco, menthol, savory, or fruit liquid. Right away, having clicked one of these many links, your field is narrowed from more than 20 flavors to only a few.

Nicotine levels can drop to 0, but the drop is big: 2.4% to 1.8%, then 1.1% without a smaller value between them to act as a buffer for those trying to wean slowly and without severe withdrawal.

The Flavors at Johnson Creek

Marcado is the exotic name for spicy cinnamon and clove e-liquid featuring other spices. Throat hit and vapor production is strong, tobacco gets a six, and sweetness is just 5. Vanda is vanilla custard e-liquid: weighty and creamy. The numbers are 8, 5, 1, and 8: full of vapor, sweet, light on tobacco, with only fair throat hit.

Makana fruit punch vape, like Vanda, is light on tobacco, but sweet and vapory with a mild hit. Merango (strawberry e-liquid) carries the same kind of profile. These mild liquids make great all-day vapes. For a liquid that is moderate across the board, try French Vanilla tobacco.

Domestic e-liquid is like pipe or cigar tobacco. It is strong on vapor, throat hit, and tobacco, but only lightly sweet. Johnson Creek recommends that new vapers try this or another authentic tobacco style as a way into vaping.

Island e-juice contains very little tobacco by contrast: just a “2” next to big vapor, moderate throat hit, and moderate sweetness. Island is like pina colada with rum, pineapple, and coconut flavors plus a touch of caramel to make it unique.

Two more big tobacco styles are the new Genuine No.22 Virginia-Burley style e-liquid and Kiln House Silverthorn, redolent of Turkish and Virginia tobaccos. A fruity alternative would be Rainier, full of cherry, clouds, between fairly and strongly sweet, but without much tobacco. The Johnson Creek Original is only big on tobacco: the other numbers are down the middle. Johnson Creek Original is what other shops describe as RY4: caramel-vanilla tobacco.

About Johnson Creek

This ISO-certified company has been making juice for longer than most. They started offering propylene glycol-free liquid in 2008, before many people had even heard of e-cigs. Today this is called their Red Oak Line. Johnson Creek products are made exclusively in the United States from ingredients sourced in the U.S. as well.

These ingredients are USP-grade propylene glycol, USP-grade vegetable glycerin, USP-grade Glycerol, USP-grade de-ionized water, and USP-grade nicotine, if used. Their flavorings come from natural and artificial sources and they also use USP-grade citric acid, a common additive to improve the shelf life of products that are bottled or canned.

The mixing process happens in a lab which is fitted with a HEPA filtration system. In response to concerns about the FDA, Johnson Creek seems to welcome their visit. At this time, they feel the regulations Food and Drug safety administrators will impose have already been satisfied, including safety caps and shrink wrap, warnings, safe ingredients, and a professional mixing environment.

More than Juice

Johnson Creek started advertising their line of e-cig equipment in 2012. The Vea E-Cig starter kit ($59.95) is packaged in a case with molded sections for different pieces. The kit contains two 650mAh batteries and five high-capacity cartridges or three Canteen tanks plus a charging kit.

This is good value; a high-performance device which has been overlooked and overshadowed by Kanger, JoyeTech, and others. Seven Johnson Creek flavors are offered in pre-filled cartridges clients select with the kit.

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