Vaporfi Review

There are many things I like about Vaporfi. One of them is their customer service. Second is their honesty, with every good or bad review listed below a product. Third is the variety of Vaporfi products available online. Fourth, their e juice assurances make me happy to shop here. I know what it’s made of, that they follow regulations, and that they care about me as a customer.

Vaporfi E Cigarettes

Every so often, a product on the Vaporfi e cig list is updated. They have already upgraded their Pro to version 2 and the Rocket is on to its third incarnation. Electronics start with the basics: a mini cig, followed by an eGo-style device, then on to APVs, and to the Vox mod ultimately. Vaporfi also carries an Orbit herbal vaporizer, so they cross over for maximum customer coverage and satisfaction.

Vaporfi Starter Kits

Each of the company’s e cigs is available as separate parts and also as a starter kit. There is lots of value in buying a starter kit. These sets cost less money than a kit individually assembled. The company gives you a rebate for buying everything at once which generally includes the tank, battery, coils for rebuildable tanks, and chargers. My only complaint is that these sets never come with complimentary e juice, but I appreciate the various ways one can save money shopping here.

Vaporfi Kits

The first e cig kit from Vaporfi is their Express Mini Cig. This device comes with two sizes of battery and a charger, is ideal for beginners, and is compatible with black cartomizers. Fill these with Vaporfi e juice sold separately.

Next is the Pro II, similar to an EVOD by Kanger. This system has been upgraded from a 650mAh to a 1000mAh battery. It comes in numerous colors and is best for people who like the mouth-to-lung vaping style which includes vaping beginners, generally speaking.

The Vice is on sale right now, a 2200mAh battery with a 2.5-ml tank. Coils are rated 0.5 ohms and 1.2 ohms, so although it’s advanced, compared with a Pro, it isn’t a sub ohm system. An 1800mAh Edge features an 1800mAh battery instead but a 7-ml tank and can reach up to 100W.

When wattage is this high, consumers are able to blow significant amounts of vapor and are also able to apply sub ohm coils below 0.5 ohms. The Edge tank comes with bright, distinctive green O-rings and this set is also on sale.

Version three of Vaporfi’s Rocket kit has received lots of good reviews from customers plus some middling ones. It hasn’t pleased consumers as much as Vaporfi had hoped it would, but the general opinion is that Vaporfi’s Rocket 3 offers satisfying results.

The Rocket 3 can tell which of the two coils is being used and sets to either Variable Wattage or Temperature Control on its own. E juice capacity is 3.5 ml.

The Vox, available in multiple versions, is a box mod which the vaper can adjust individually to precise wattage and possibly TC levels. This is best used with gourmet, high-VG e juice made by your favorite company. Maybe Vaporfi will become that favorite. The Vox is packaged with several possible tanks, so the consumer decides if he wants a tank or an RDA.

Although there are other products in their extensive catalogue, we will end with the Vaporfi Orbit. Sold in red or black, this all-in-one portable herb vaporizer provides consumers with a simple and inexpensive way to vape away from home without lots of parts.

There is no screen and just one button. This is not a high-end vaporizer like the Storz & Bickel Mighty or a Davinci Ascent, but the Orbit is a good budget model for herbal vapers and very easy for a newbie to use.

Vaporfi E Juice Excellence

Vaporfi makes two types of e liquid: one, priced $15.99 for 30 ml, comes in a virtually endless array of possible flavors. Some of these flavors are listed, pre-made for your enjoyment, and emulate cocktails, hot beverages, candies, and even tobacco styles.

Others have yet to be invented by you, the individual consumer with your own ideas of what e juice flavors might taste great in your tank. Put two or three flavors together, choose your nicotine level, and relax in the comfort of knowing Vaporfi takes e juice seriously.

They have registered their formula with the FDA, use only USP ingredients, and products are made in a regulated, inspected lab under supervision by a professional chemist. They were among the first companies to anticipate FDA regulations before there was even a rumor of regulation.

Their Grand Reserve series contains higher amounts of vegetable glycerin than the standard line and costs $19.99. If you like the flavors, either price is subject to discount when customers sign up to receive automatic shipments every month. Add the opportunity to earn reward points by sharing purchases on Facebook or writing reviews and any product could be on sale.

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