SmokeStik Review

I expect to see a few changes at every e cig website when a long time has passed since I last checked in; say 6 months or so. It happens everywhere else, even if the changes are only slight.

A new product might be offered. Prices could be altered a little. There is a new or limited edition flavor or a tiny adjustment to the style of their landing page.

Not at SmokeStik: it is pretty much the same as the last time I visited. I guess you can tell right away that they aren’t my top pick, but to be fair I should point out both the pros and the cons.


SmokeStik Products

But first, we should browse the products at SmokeStik. Their menu is much like that of Green Smoke, Blu Cigs, and other companies that only sell mini cigs. Customers can buy starter kits, replacement batteries, disposable e cigs, and replacement cartridges. There isn’t a host of flavors: just 2 if you are buying refills although they make 6 flavors of disposable electronic cigarettes.

Starter Bundles at SmokeStik

They also offer several bundles costing from $39.95 to $74.95. An Intro Kit comes with one battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger.

Other kits provide a second battery, another cartridge, and other chargers (an AC adapter and car adapter).

They come in different colors too and the Halligan (red) kit appears to come with a bigger battery than the others: the 250-mAh variety. This is the priciest kit at $74.95. A carry case is thrown in sometimes.

Good Things about SmokeStik

At least these are all cigarette-like devices and products. SmokeStik doesn’t get fancy with eGos and tanks. Their goal is to provide a simple catalogue of user-friendly products that new vapers can learn to use with ease.

Like Blu Cigs and Madvapes, they are located in North Carolina, this time in Burlington. Products are sold at numerous retailers around the country and also online. There are several ways to contact them: by phone, email, by mail, although I didn’t see a link to Facebook and Twitter.

There is a lifetime warranty on their products and an opportunity to become an affiliate too. If you like the product, promote SmokeStik to earn a little bit of money or a lot if you are very good at promoting things online.

I imagine you can find coupon codes that save you money on SmokeStik products: they exist for every other brand on the market. Keep an eye open for them. Loyalty points will build up too, so it won’t be long before customers can save a dollar or two by cashing those in. SmokeStik was started in 2008 making this one of America’s oldest electronic cigarette companies.

Bad Things about SmokeStik

Why isn’t there any social media attached to SmokeStik? I don’t like social media personally, but for business it’s invaluable. Social media allows companies to stay in touch with customers on a personal level. They use these sites to promote new products and run special offers. I’d like to see at least a link to Facebook.

Their pricing is very high, compared to similar brands. I complain when companies sell Intro kits (a single battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger) for more than $22 but this one goes for almost $40. I could buy an entire 2-battery set from some firms for that sort of cash.

The price of $75 for a kit without a portable charging case and just 3 XL cartridges is too high: am I paying for the color? Admittedly, I would love a stainless steel purple battery with a purple gem tip (the Hendu) but it’s not worth $65.

What’s the difference between all of their starter kits? The Halligan, Hendu, and Premium kits are listed separately from the Intro, Pink, Jet, and another Premium kits. Do they contain larger batteries? I’m bewildered. Also, there is inconsistency where price labeling is concerned and that causes me some concern. If a price is advertised on the landing page as $54.95, it should not go up to $60 when you click on that product.

There are two sizes of cartridges, so it makes sense that one pack costs more than the other, but $14.95 for regular cartridges is already too expensive. The XL cartridges should not be priced $21.95. Packs of fifty regular cartridges cost exactly 10 times the price of a single: customers don’t enjoy volume savings, which is stingy if you ask me.

A battery for $32.50 (the Pitbull) is ridiculous. Their Premium batteries range in size from 180 mAh to 340 mAh and from $20.95 to $28.95. I look at these batteries and see V2 Cigs style but also similar pricing, and the latter remark isn’t a compliment.

Flavor choice is minimal: menthol or tobacco for refills, but six choices of disposable. The other four options are cappuccino, vanilla, strawberry, and cherry with no mention of nicotine level. Each one costs a whopping $9.95 or you can buy 6 for $54.95. That works out to $9.16 each: a little bit of savings.

SmokeStik Summary

Some things are so good they shouldn’t change, but I’ll argue that SmokeStik isn’t such a fabulous product they can justify these sky-high prices. I wonder if they compete well with the other brands: how can they not if the company is still running after all these years. Still, there are some kinds of change people really like and a price drop would be one of them.

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