Firebrand American Vapor Review

Firebrand, an American company, doesn’t sell mini cig batteries anymore. They carry cartomizers these days, including their Gravity and style for tanks. They offer stainless steel tips, a charger, and mod batteries.

Once upon a time they sold hardware: Firebrand E-Cigs starter kits that got great reviews. Nowadays, this company from Los Angeles, California is better known for their brand of e liquid known as Liquitine.

Firebrand is a certified member of the AEMSA and, as such, go out of their way to make sure customers know exactly what is in the juice they blend. A recipe featured on the right side of your page when you read about their 10-ml bottles shows customers the full story.


Recipe for Liquitine by Firebrand

Firstly, this is USA-made juice. During one video (there are several shot by the film buffs at Liquitine) describing a product, one of the men at Liquitine refers to the Chinese juice he used to buy.

Five years ago, most e liquid came from China where electronic cigarettes originated. Firebrand’s juice is blended in an American lab.

Secondly, that lab is a sterile environment where mixologists wear special clothes, gloves, masks, but never touch the juice by hand. It is bottled and blended using machines including their Magnetic Vortex which stirs juice using magnets.

The video does not show machinery at work but does demonstrate the results on base liquid so the joke remains that maybe the Magnetic Vortex is a hoax. Their system involves 3-tier filtration for a seriously sterile environment, so I’m not sure I care whether there is a real Magnetic Vortex or not.

Only USP ingredients and FEMA/GRAS flavorings are built into Liquitine flavors. That includes 99.9% pure nicotine from an FDA-approved facility.

One final element of the recipe is their recipe for success. If you buy a 10-ml plastic bottle of any flavor and do not like it, Firebrand will refund your money.

Only one or two other places offer a guarantee like that. Usually, if a juice is not to your liking, the only answer is to pass it on to someone else or dump it down the drain.

Remember, though: this guarantee applies to 10-ml plastic bottles only. Once you start investing in bigger, glass bottles you’re on your own. Only a manufacturing issue would qualify for a refund. Firebrand stamps their bottles with lot numbers, just in case.

Liquitine Sub-ohm

The first juices I browsed were 70% and 75% vegetable glycerin, sub-ohm liquids providing 0, 3, or 6 mg/ml nicotine.

They come in 30-ml glass bottles priced $22.99. Bottles measuring 60 ml and 90 ml were options also.

Whiplash blends strawberry and watermelon.

The Elvis is a peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwich.

Crixus is a historical general who stood with Spartacus. His flavor is a bit nutty.

Bottle Rocket tastes like a striped popsicle of cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry. Super Nova combines key lime, blueberries, and pineapple. Get your frosty grape fix from Purple Rain. Firebrand refers to a “cool” flavor, so I assume grape is blended with a light menthol or mint.

Liquitine ADV

Are you looking for an all day vape; something lighter than sub-ohm juice? Liquitine’s ADV line comes in 15-ml bottles ($12.99) as well as the other three sizes, all glass.

Nicotine strengths are zero to 24 mg by 6-mg increments. Try one of the flavors above or Apple Pie complete with crust and a touch of tobacco.

X-Blends: Tobacco

The four flavors featured here are Royale, Gold, Rasputin’s Blend, and Emperor’s Blend. They are priced as above for 15 ml. Royale is rich, full-bodied, and nutty. The Emperor combines pipe tobacco with Indonesian spice. Enjoy the southern style of maple tobacco with Gold. Rasputin blends rich, roasted tobacco with caramel and spice.

Elements, 50/50 E Liquid

Try a mint or menthol variety from 5 listed under the heading ‘Elements’. They include a sharp and frosty Arctic Ice, Polar Chill, and Peppermint Patty. That last one is for chocolate lovers.

10-ml Plastic Bottles

There are just six flavors listed here. Tobacco Fury is named for a remake of Mad Max known as Mad Max Fury Road. The guys at Firebrand really love movies. In honor of this one, they blend maple and cinnamon by combining Tobacco Gold with Engine 9.

Pina Colada tastes like the smooth, tropical drink. Super Fuzz (named for a camp 1970s cop movie) puts the “fuzz” in “peach fuzz.”

Small Selection

A lot of flavors are repeated from list to list, so variety has more to do with bottle size and PG/VG ratio. I get the impression Firebrand is more concerned with getting a few flavors just right than bulking up their menu. At least one flavor has disappeared too: Spartacus.

Professional Set Up

Everything about this organization is professional, even when they are goofy in their videos. The whole show is slick and stylish.

I can’t help but enjoy what they do here, especially the fact that one of the owners comes on camera. This move makes his involvement with the customer a personal one.

Videos show up all over the website or you can go to their video listing at the bottom of their site page. Here you will also locate links to support, FAQs, the affiliate program, and more.

At the top, you see where to order gift certificates for your friends. Firebrand is confident you will do that because their liquid is good enough to share.


Other users back up that statement. Reviews right on each page show that these guys attend to detail. They are serious about competing with other e liquid blenders by offering originality within FDA-compliant standards.

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