Beginners Guide To Electronic Cigarettes

The average e cig user starts with a disposable e cig but soon becomes an eGo customer, choosing batteries that hold a charge for half a day and are operated manually. They can buy smaller e cigs known as cigalikes and puff without pressing anything, but this gets costly quickly. Smoking is still more expensive, though, and beginners should know that what they are doing is still better than smoking.

Switching to Vaping

Vapers scratch their heads and wonder if e cigs are bad for the environment. No doubt the additional e waste is not a good thing. Then again, what do cigarettes do to air, soil, and water? You can be sure that even tiny butts make a difference when there are millions of them.

Cigarette smoke in the air contributes to pollution and conditions like asthma so even non-smokers feel the effects. There is also the waste issue: tons of butts and empty lighters going into landfills. Finally, the biggest burden on society is probably the costs of medical treatment for smoking-related illnesses. Lung cancer, pneumonia, asthma, COPD, and heart disease are just some of the potential consequences to smokers and people who live with them, inhaling smoke second-hand.

Vaping for Beginners

How does a beginner go about getting started with e cigs? The easiest and most sensible route is to try one. Ask a friend if you can borrow his. Purchase a disposable e cig at a convenience store. Don’t pay a lot of money for a kit just yet. For all the hype, there are still people for whom this is not a positive alternative. They would be better off with nicotine patches or an herbal vaporizer.

Starter Kits

The next choice to make if you liked how an e cig felt is to decide if you want a mini cig which resembles a cigarette or an eGo. The mini cig format is appealing to many smokers. They like that their device isn’t miles from what they are used to. They can hold an e cig the way they held a smoke. By just puffing on the end they produce vapor and taste something like tobacco or menthol.

Kits cost from $15 and beyond: even past the $200 mark if you want something luxurious such as a Vapor Couture Maximale set with feminine accessories. What you need is a 2-battery set like a Basic Kit from Green Smoke. This gives a vaper certain necessary tools.

One is the second battery for use while the first is recharging. Running out of power when you still need a fix is a great way to thwart your non-smoking efforts. Two-battery kits contain at least enough cartridges to last a day or maybe two plus the only two batteries you will need for the next few months. With a USB charger and a wall adapter, all you need are refill cartridges. Spend some time sampling flavors before choosing some that suit you.

E Cig Brands

A lot of companies are making these devices. A few (like V2 Cigs) provide automatic batteries, but also manual ones you can switch on to produce vapor. They conserve power better but are also a little bit longer. White Cloud E Cigs are all automatic: drawing is all you do to produce vapor. Other brands include Cigavette, SmokeStik, Volcano, and Nuvocig.

Each of these is a quality brand, but different from the others. Volcano sells their starter kit with a portable charging case. Cigavette starter kits come in cigarette-like boxes. Nuvocig has tons of options to choose from. SmokeStik provides 4 battery colors, and all automatic cells.

A cigalike works with atomized cartridges. They contain e liquid and an atomizer so that each refill gives you a new heating coil. If you can, buy a set of blank cartridges and fill these with e liquid. Companies such as Volcano give customers that option, so they can choose any flavor and spend less money on juice.

Ego Cigs for Beginners

An Ego isn’t much different from a cigalike. It operates in a similar way to the manual mini cig, but is larger. There isn’t usually an LED light at the tip. You are used to adding and removing cartridges. With an Ego, these are more like little tanks: bigger, often transparent, and able to hold more liquid. Paired with a 350-mAh+ battery, these elements supply the makings of 4 to 8 hours of vaping before you have to refill or recharge.

If you are still unsure about the way it feels to hold a metal cylinder instead of a soft cigarette or are self-conscious, Egos are intimidating. They remind some people of cigars by their size relative to analogs, but you get used to them quickly.

Battery sizes get bigger without the technology becoming more complicated until you are using an e cig on a single charge for a whole day or more. Halo, Volcano, and Cigavette make versions of an Ego. JoyeTech and Kanger are two reputable and affordable Chinese brands available from several online or physical vape stores.

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