Volcano E-Cigs Review

The latest news from Volcano E Cigs is that they are offering three limited edition flavors. They were released in early July and are available until supplies are gone. If you are a fan of Striped Bum, Butterscotch, or Kohala Bears, the time for being decisive is now: buy your bottle of e liquid and while you have the opportunity. They cost the same as regular flavors.

Limited Flavors

What is with limited flavors you ask? A company like Volcano will develop and market a variety they have not sold previously as an advertising strategy to remain current, but also to test new flavors without committing to including them in their product menu. If demand is high, the product can stay. If demand is low, you can find these flavors in the bargain section by the end of 2014.

Striped Gum is said to mimic a striped gum Americans know well. Butterscotch is likened to buttery caramel. From Kohala Bears you get the soft, chewy qualities of a gummy bear in citrus flavors.

With all of their e liquids, Volcano E Cigs offers blending recommendations. For Striped Gum they suggest mixing in a little bit of a fruit vape (Pipeline Peach, Maui Mango, or Hulava Guava, for instance). You could try coffee or vanilla e liquid with Butterscotch (Kona Coffee, Hawaiian Espresso). Kohala Bears would pair nicely with Hulava Guava, Pele Papaya, or Mauna Dew in the opinion of Volcano staff.

Other Flavors

Volcano E Liquid is made from USP vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavorings. Some choices include Aloha Apple reminiscent of green apples, sometimes considered inadequate on its own and best mixed with caramel or vanilla.

Ono Orange Cream tastes like a creamsicle and you can get it on sale as the flavor of the week if you hurry. Bonzai Banana is smooth, sweet, and creamy: a bit like real banana, but also similar to a dessert.

Kona Coffee has received mixed reviews. Coocoo Coconut satisfies tropical cravings. Some call it weak; others love it. Their selection is excellent and frequently exotic. We will talk about prices later.

Starter Kits from the Islands

Volcano continues to offer three starter kits; one each for the Magma, Inferno, and LavaTube. Several companies have followed suit, such as Halo, and it is no bad thing to take this route. Customers are getting solid kits.

The Magma is a portable charging case with two batteries and ten cartridges for $59.99. A lot of companies charge about that much for a PCC by itself, let alone a kit with two batteries. You are getting a good deal even if $60 seems like a bit much to pay as a new vaper.

The Inferno for $79.99 comes with a 650-mAh battery and a 900 mAh, both of which have an on/off switch and pass-through capacity. Besides a wall adapter and USB cable, you receive a gift box, 3 replacement coils, a BCT Tube Tank, and a 15-ml bottle of e liquid. Value here is top notch.

The LavaTube is $139.99 power house with three buttons, variable voltage, variable wattage, and plenty of other features. This Advanced Personal Vaporizer is lovely to look at for starters with its anodized aluminum body. The computer chip has been upgraded to now contain a memory function and wattage control is new.

Accessories from Volcano

A long list of extras turns the Volcano website into an all-purpose vape shop. This is impressive because you do not have to shop elsewhere to maintain your e cig or improve it in some way (with a lanyard, case, or funky drip tip, for instance). Volcano sells a really great selection of drip tips, in fact, besides practical items. You can earn loyalty points while rebuilding a tank or replenishing batteries ($9.99/$11.99 for Magma batteries, manual or automatic in the small size, manual in the larger size).

Store Locator

Customer service agents will talk you through any problems over the phone or internet, but Volcano has opened shops in New Jersey, North Carolina, Kentucky, Washington, Missouri, lots in Hawaii, and more. Many of these are just kiosks in malls and you should be wary of those. Their prices are the most notorious of all for high prices while the internet lowers those considerably.

Each of these is a Volcano store, not an e cig store selling Volcano products. As such, their staff should know every inch of the Magma, Inferno, and LavaTube 2.5. Expect and accept nothing less.

Overall Volcano E Cigs Review

When it comes to product style, Volcano gets 10 out 10. Their Inferno and LavaTube 2.5 are simply beautiful-looking, especially if you are a new vaper fresh out of Vape School where you only used cigalikes. The Magma is a slick kit, shiny with a nice texture, but her big brothers look like they would be tough guys on the playground.

Everything is glossy but the price, which is reasonable for what you get but not so great for the sake of introductions. Volcano does not offer an express kit for $15 or $20. Disposables, however, give would-be vapers a cheap way in.

Pre-filled cartomizers work out to about $2 each; $2 per ml, in fact, which is expensive if you are going to vape for a long time but reasonable in comparison with lots of prices you have seen. The new ONO E Cig charges $14.99 for 5 cartridges. South Beach Smoke charges $14.99 for a pack of five from their latest flavors. Green Smoke packs are $12.99 for 5.

E liquid should be an economical choice, and it could be if you buy several bottles at one time. This would reduce the price of a 15-ml bottle to under $10, but the regular price is $12.99. Even the most expensive handmade juices (BluePrint, Suicide Bunny, Cosmic Fog, and Alpha, for example) usually cost about $12 per 15-ml bottle. $13 is a high price to pay if those others were over the top. Compared with pre-filled cartomizers, though, Volcano e liquid is good value. Purchase a pack of 5 blanks for $7.99 to save money overall.

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