South Beach Smoke Review

Companies that manufacture electronic cigarettes don’t make this point very often, or it is hidden within writing about the more obvious facts relating to smoking, but cigarette smoking reduces or temporarily disables your sense of taste.

Think about it, smokers: when was the last time you really enjoyed the flavor of a good meal or a tasty drink? Maybe you have been eating and drinking as a matter of routine for some time without noticing, but smoking has taken away the enjoyment of flavor.

Let Good Taste Return with South Beach Smoke

Electronic cigarettes brands like South Beach Smoke can return this sense to you if used in preference to cigarettes. South Beach Smoke also has some surprises up their sleeve when it comes to flavors that are especially noticeable if you have tried other brands.

Flavors at South Beach Smoke

Where pre-filled cartridges are concerned, most electronic cigarette companies have been in the doldrums for a long time. Their selection of flavors is limited to six, eight, perhaps ten. There are a few exceptions (Volcano, for instance), but most of the time the menu is short and quality is dubious.

South Beach Smoke carried a small list once upon a time too: just 10 fairly predictable, ordinary flavors. Recently they added 6 more.

The list looks like this:

• Vanilla
• Menthol
• 2 hookah flavors
• 2 types of mint plus peppermint
• 3 styles of tobacco
• Pina colada and chocolate
• 3 straight fruit flavors

Each five-pack works out to about $13.33, except that South Beach Smoke sells them in groups of 15, 30, or 45 (3, 6, or 9 five-packs at a time). Each flavor is marked by a color-coded ring around a base of cigarette-paper orange.

The price is nothing special. About $12 is the average cost of a five-pack. Customers appreciate the extra choices of pre-filled cartos though.

E-Liquid: a South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smoke also carries a line of e-liquids by Vapor Zone. They call these South Beach Smoke liquid, but anyone who recognizes the flavor line and realizes that South Beach Smoke and Vapor Zone are brothers of the same parent company will recognize the packaging and the promise of offering up to 30,000 flavors (made infamous by a certain ad).

These flavors (30mls for $14.99) include Summer Tea, Very Vanilla, Mint Julep, Marshmallow, Butter Pecan, and Graham Cracker. Many of these selections would make wonderful bases for customized flavor blends of up to three varieties. One e-liquid is chosen each month to sell for a discounted price: 25% off.

A South Beach Smoke Starter Kit

Choose the Express Kit, a rechargeable unit with one battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger. At $21.99, it is one of the cheapest of its kind. Other starter kits by South Beach Smoke offer extras like a USB cig, more batteries, extra cartridges, a carry case, or a car adapter; perhaps a PCC or a lanyard too. The biggest one costs about $160.

The Deluxe for $60 contains one standard and one extra-capacity battery, a charging kit, and ten cartridges. In this business the price is fairly good.

Where to Learn More about South Beach Smoke

South Beach Smoke is social. Visit them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. Their blog is an information source but not so much academic as anecdotal. Find out how other consumers are using South Beach Smoke products to break down barriers and improve their health.

Their topics include sports and e-cigs, electronic cigs vs. cigarettes for better looking teeth, when to use disposables, and a call for feedback. The company craves your input, so don’t report about their products to other forums before telling South Beach Smoke what you think. Give them the chance to make you happy and hear your ideas.

More about South Beach Smoke: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Do you ever think of e-cigs when you see a friend smoking? Maybe you never smoked but see the potential for electronic cigarettes to do some good in another person’s life.

In this case, you might want to purchase this person a rechargeable starter set for $22 rather than risking the refusal of a larger starter kit, not knowing what your friend will think of e-cigs or the brand. Another, perhaps better option, is to buy him a gift certificate. This has multiple advantages.

For one thing, your loved one can choose what he wants to buy so you do not make a mistake. The second is that a gift certificate worth more than your friend ends up spending at first leaves him with some money left over and an incentive to return to the South Beach Smoke catalogue.

More Incentives to Vape with South Beach Smoke

Vaping is the term commonly used to distinguish smoking from using electronic cigarettes. It is a play on the word “vaporizer,” which is another term for e-cigs, particularly versions such as the South Beach Smoke Air. Though small, it is slightly bigger than an e-cig and employs a tank cartomizer rather than a regular cartomizer.

If you wondered where you were going to put that e-liquid mentioned earlier, this is the place. South Beach Smoke knew that one day a percentage of their customers would make the switch from mini cigs to bigger e-cigs, like eGos, so they decided not to lose those clients.

The Air looks nothing like the Vapor Zone Air though they cost about the same, are roughly the same size, and work the same way. The clear cartomizer holds more liquid than a cartridge and the battery lasts longer than cigalike batteries.

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