NJOY Review

Few e-cigs brands try to mimic cigarettes to the degree that NJOY tries. Their looks resemble analogs. Flavors are true to authentic tobacco and menthol. One can easily see why the brand is so pervasive, with thousands of retail locations across the US selling disposables.

In their bold-colored packages, they resemble cigarette packs to the point that smokers could unwittingly find themselves walking out of a store with an e cig instead of an analog. This NJOY review will list and describe products the company produces, highlighting some pros and cons of the brand along the way.

Mostly Disposable

The website for NJOY represents mostly disposable electronic cigarettes; devices meant to be used until the juice or the battery runs out.

Afterwards they would most likely be thrown away, except that individuals are smarter than that. They know how dangerous batteries are in landfills, so they seek to recycle at every opportunity.

Consumers say the battery dies first, sometimes leaving them feeling frustrated. If only the battery could keep going a little longer, they could use up more of that wonderful e-liquid.

To find a price for NJOY disposables, locate your nearest dealer. To buy online: you might be out of luck. If the online site is meant to be used for e-tail, it’s not clear how to go about buying anything.

There is a “cart” feature, but no obvious way to get there. Maybe the symbol is a leftover from when NJOY was sold online. The firm has scratched online sales because customers can buy their products from so many shops without waiting or paying for shipping.

Flavors at NJOY

Among reasons why NJOY is so popular is that the line addresses smokers’ needs. This brand is not directed at people who never smoked and not even a little bit alluring for teenagers.

Consumers will not find multiple flavor headings like beverages, fruits, and desserts. Those and the funky-looking e cigs with multi-colored LED lights are club-going accessories designed to attract the wrong audience.

At NJOY, would-be smokers won’t even discover numerous types of tobacco, let along chocolate e-liquid. All they get is Traditional Bold Tobacco, Gold Tobacco, Menthol Gold, and Menthol Bold.

Menthol Bold and Traditional Bold are strong with 4.5% nicotine. Here is another reason to vape these instead of competing brands. Most companies stop at 1.8% or 2.4%, calling those regular and strong. At NJOY they know that to get a throat hit worthy of a real cigarette, 3.0% and 4.5% are more authentic.

These are sold in singles, small packages, or 20-packs for big savings (apparently online). Shipping is free to mainland domestic customers if you can figure out how to place a web order. Perhaps one has to sign in first and then the system works.

How the Disposables Look and Feel

Each disposable NJOY e cigarette has a soft exterior, like the softness of a cigarette. The battery portion is white with horizontal stripes.

The top is tan-speckled orange, like analogs. They feel like cigarettes: that is, their dimensions and weight are about right to sit between two fingers and two lips like a cigarette would.

Anyone who wants an alternative to smoking could fool herself into vaping these devices where many of her senses are concerned. Only ash and several thousand chemicals are missing.

The Taste of a Cigarette

As far as smokers are concerned, NJOY replicates cigarette flavors as well — if not better — than anyone who comes close. Of course, recreating the taste of burnt toxins is tough when there is no combustion involved. Still, NJOY has impressed a lot of consumers. Apparently, few other e-liquids come this close to the true taste of tobacco or menthol analogs.

What about Presentation?

NJOY’s presentation is among the best of the best. They package their one-time-use electronic cigarettes in a Zippo-style case. It is relatively sturdy and flips open like a lighter.

The logo is bold and reminiscent of many tobacco labels, although NJOY is not owned by a tobacco company. Now that makes a change. Many electronic cigarette companies are subsidiaries of firms that make cigarettes.

Recycling at NJOY

One sticking point for consumers regarding e cigarettes is the electronic waste they create. Even though a single battery and cartridge together represents roughly a pack of cigarettes, that still means consumers are using a lot of batteries, especially if they purchase disposable e cigs instead of rechargeable ones. To alleviate tension around this factor, NJOY has implemented a recycling program.

Send NJOY eight used disposables or batteries and they will send you a free King disposable. They pay for shipping too. Do not forget to download and print off the form they require for these transactions. It is straightforward and short. The address where these turn up is in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Are There any Starter Kits?

Most e cig companies configure and sell rechargeable starter kits and replacement batteries. Packages contain multiple chargers, sometimes cases and lanyards, plus cartridge refills.

Sets like these are not shown on the NJOY website although mention is made of a kit which some retailers carry. The firm suggests calling ahead of a visit to ensure the starter kit in your preferred strength and flavor is available.

Refills shown on the web page come in 0.6, 1.2, and 1.8% in both menthol and tobacco.

Not Many Negatives

Above are many positives to vaping with NJOY: convenient shopping locations, replicating the analog experience in multiple ways, and not appealing to young non-smokers.

An obvious negative is their predominantly disposable product. Yes, starter kits are available, but they push their one-time-use e cigs more aggressively.

The only other negative consumers have unearthed is that, as mentioned earlier, their cartridges last longer than batteries. If the two were more evenly matched, that would seem less wasteful.

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