Cigavette Review

A little quote from the makers of Cigavette is “the ‘r’ went up in smoke.” They mean the “r” in “cigarette” has been replaced by a “v.”

It’s kind of like the little trick you play on yourself by vaping a device that looks and feels a lot like a cigarette. It’s not quite the same, but close enough.

I almost wonder if at Cigavette they were trying to coin a new name for the mini cig which would cause consumers to look them up first, and it’s not a bad idea. Cigavette is climbing the charts, possibly because of this simple trick.

Cigavette Summary

Here are some basic facts to know about Cigavette before we look more deeply into the product lineup. They only sell two flavors of e-liquid in their e cig line: menthol and tobacco.

Three types of e-cigs are available in three battery sizes, but they all adopt the same cigalike shape. Their line also includes disposable cigars and e-hookah products.

Starter Kits: Cigavette Review

Just one sort of starter kit is listed as 6 different products, but essentially the only difference is flavor and nicotine strength. Each one contains one rechargeable battery, two cartridges, and a USB charger.

For $29.95, it’s on the pricey side but the battery for this contains 280 mAh: about 100 mAh more than the typical battery for such kits. Choose up to 24 mg of light or regular menthol or tobacco and a red, orange, or blue LED tip. Cartridges are hygienically sealed for freshness and safety.

Cigavette “Sets” are just starter kits, but by making a distinction between starter kits and sets the company says that a starter kit should be small, not weighed down with extra chargers and cartridges. That’s not a starter kit at all.

A starter kit should not be a $60 commitment but a $30 trial offer. If you don’t like the way their liquid tastes or how their cigs feel, why bother buying the AC adapter and more cartridges?

Sets are for the vaper who has committed to vaping and chosen Cigavette’s taste, power, and appearance over alternatives. They range from $59.95 to $129.95 and 180 mAh to 1300 mAh, yet each one manages to resemble a cigarette, albeit an analog big enough for a giant.

A Premier kit contains the chargers, 6 cartridges, two batteries (180 mAh and 280 mAh), and a lovely case or you can buy a kit with extra pieces for $79.95. The Cigavette Go “Ultra” is an eGo style device of 650 mAh which is packaged with 10 cartridges, a velvet pouch, a charging kit, and cartridge covers.

The biggest device is a Go “Mega” that uses 1300 mAh batteries and cartridges to match. They don’t sell tanks or clearomizers so the result could look like a giant black cigar.

Cigavette has made an excellent choice, selling bigger devices next to mini cigs. They are not, however, APVs. “Go” e cigs will hold their charge longer and their cartridges contain enough liquid to last the day, but a vaper with aspirations for greater control of voltage and resistance will still be moving on one day. At least, Cigavette makes the effort to follow customers for part of the way.

Refills and Flavors

As mentioned above, the only two cartridge flavors are menthol and tobacco. Cigavette does not make a line of e-liquid or carry one from another company. If you are going to refill cartridges, that’s up to you.

But customers are encouraged to buy their relatively expensive packages of refills. These come in three sizes, and the last one (for their Go “Mega”) is the largest cartomizer in the world at present.

Focus on Flavor

While their electronic cigarettes appear to be targeted at people who want to simulate smoking tobacco or menthol analogs, the Cigavette e-hookah line recognizes a market for flavored e-liquid. They refer to and market six 11-mg e-hookah flavors as party flavors with a lot of bare midriffs and a festive, young atmosphere. Cigavette even writes that they “taste like a party.”

For $8.95 each (less if you buy several at a time), a cocktail flavored e-hookah is probably cheaper than an alcoholic cocktail, but their strategy is different from the norm. While V2 Cigs, Halo, and Green Smoke are addressing the smokers out there with their various flavors of e-liquid, Cigavette wants to snag a young audience, maybe not even a smoking audience.


Pricing overall is very good at Cigavette: their cartridges could come down in price, but they aren’t exorbitant. Hardware is well-priced and performs decently. A few reviews report that flavors are not that great.

It takes some time to get used to non-analog tobacco and menthol, but it sounds like other brands do a better job with flavor. Cigavette uses Chinese e-liquid so that could have something to do with flavor limitations.

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