Electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm. These products are making it possible for countless consumers to wean themselves off traditional tobacco products, lower or even eliminate their nicotine consumption, and experience the moist, flavor-filled lung hits provided by a hookah, without having to deal with lit coals.

With countless flavors, nicotine strengths, and vaping devices to choose from, it’s possible for anyone to find the perfect setup for his or her own unique needs.

If you’re currently shopping for a new e-cig or vaping kit, following are the top five e cig brands.

1. V2 Cigs – For A Realistic Experience

V2 Cigs has truly set itself apart throughout the years by consistently offering a vast range of affordable, adaptable e cig options. Of the many e-cig brands currently on the market, V2 is perhaps best known for its willingness to cater to those who are interested in finding enjoyable and effective, cessation products.

This company also prides itself in offering devices with optimal performance, excellent battery life and impressive power. There is a vast range of tasty, e-liquid flavors available for V2 e-cigs along with a few, high-quality starter kits.

Here is their basic kit:

For new vapors looking for reasonably-priced entry units, the V2 brand is always recommended. Best of all, this is one of several e cig brands that consistently has something new looming on the horizon.

Website: https://www.v2.com


2. Mig Vapor For Compact & Advanced E Cig Styles

Although fairly new to the scene, Mig Vapor is one of several brands that is fast-increasing in overall popularity. This company is currently known for building incredibly durable products that are virtually guaranteed to last.

Here is their basic eCig kit:

Those new to this brand might want to try the Morpheus 100-Watt Kit or the Minion if they want an advanced option. The most popular option from this brand, however, is the Mig 21. This compact device is just as powerful as many of its larger contemporaries and yet, it’s the same size as a regular tobacco cigarette.

Perfect for vaping on the go, the sturdy unit can be easily dropped in a purse or a pocket for optimal convenience and discretion.

3. JUUL – Something Different

Commonly referred to the Apple of Vaping, JUUL is a sleek, high-quality e cig brand that boasts an innovative and easy-to-use design that most consumers love. JUUL is one of a number of brand that provides its own cartridges. JUUL e-liquids are comprised of nicotine salts that taste incredibly similar to real, traditional tobacco.

Here is what the JUUL looks like:

As such, the e cig flavors provided by this company are absolutely ideal for all those who are trying to quite cigarettes. Given that they have their very own brand-specific cartridges, refilling JUUL e cig units is incredibly straightforward and easy. Best of all, JUUL remains one of the most affordable and accessible brands on the market.

4. Apollo E-Cigs

Apollo E-cigs are among the most respected e cig brands currently on the market. They have their popular eGo line which is the perfect, adaptable unit for those just starting out. These devices come with variable storage and cater to vast range of preferences, budgets and user levels.

If you have a nominal budget and want to try vaping for the very first time, a basic eGo kit is a great way to go.

This is their Endeavor X eGo Kit:


Cheap, durable and all-inclusive, these will give you everything you need to start defining your needs and preferences before you spend more and engage in more advanced vape use.

5. Halo E-Cigs

Halo E-Cigs is one of those brands that is constantly an innovative presence, and yet, they keep their product line nice and simple. There is always something new on the horizon for this company, which is great given that vaping has undergone such a rapid and impressive evolution within its relative short lifetime.

Here is their G6 kit, which is an excellent cigalike kit:

This flexible, adaptable brand prides itself in consistently offering kits and units that are suited to the increasingly mobile and busy lifestyle. Buyers with a bit more to spend can get advanced and highly competitive hardware that is suitable for both newbies and those with more vaping experience.

One of the most popular options from this brand is the Triton Tank System which has a large capacity and an excellent battery life. Halo devices also come with an excellent selection of flavors.

The Top Three E-Liquid Brands On The Market

When talking about the best ways to vape and really enjoy the vaping experience there are a couple of e-liquid companies that are going to come through more than any others. In point of fact, there are three companies that are the best of the best.

If you are new to the vaping and e-liquid experience, it can seem a bit daunting because there are so many companies out there. Lucky for you, we’ve managed to boil down the companies to the best of the best for you.


Halo is a company that has managed to stand out from the pack in at least some regard because they are offering all kinds of choices. This is especially a big deal if you are new to the scene because you know you’ll have a nice list of e-liquids to choose from. The firm deals with straight tobacco flavors but also has some really nice desert and fruit flaovrs.

The best thing about this comapny is it tends to come through with nice deals on their variety pack. This will allow the users to pick and choose and sample to decide what you like best from their selection.

Cosmic Fog

Like Halo, there are all kinds of different vape e-liquids you can try from this company. The thing you should definitely give a go from this firm is the wide assortment of desert flavors you can get. Some of the flavors are more basic like Milk & Honey but still very good. A flavor like “Church” is much more involved. This is supposed to taste like an ice ream sunday and the firm really does hit that flavor on the head.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, Cosmic Fog is the company to go with. They have thrown in a ton of effort into making sure their desert flavors actually taste as though you are sucking down (literally) a desert.

This is also one of those companies that is very good to get a start on, because you’ll be able to see exactly what you are getting into when you make the jump to e-liquids. This isn’t a firm people are going to look to if they have started out on cigarettes, but is very good if you want to move away from those cigarettes flavor.

Space Jam

If you are a big fan of vaping flavors that remind you of good fruit, then Space Jam if the company for you. They make this list because of just how good they have managed to their e-liquids taste when it comes to mimicking fresh produce. The company offers things like Pluto, which is a watermelon flavor.

Astro is a combination of apple, peach and strawberry. Andromeda is blueberry and pomegranate. These flavors are all made to taste just like you might expect a tasty fruit juice cocktail only its hot and fresh and something you’re pulling into your lungs instead. That’s why the company is among the best in the business.

Ranking Electronic Cigarettes

Online charts rating mini e-cigs change every year and there are a few of them out there. Since their updates are staggered, they show an even faster adjustment in ratings and placement which reflects the status of electronic cigarettes in a constantly and quickly evolving market.

What’s best today might not be best tomorrow, and the company you think you know lots about right now is probably making changes so as to compete with the other major players.

What this Means for Business

While some will grow, others will reassess and simplify so as to tread water or they will fold. It is possible to remain a small company with a loyal following, but there is room for huge expansion and many brands with a corporate outlook. There could come a time when small companies making great mini e-cigs won’t be able to compete anymore.

What are Mini E-Cigs?

These are the small electronic cigarettes which are easily confused with real cigarettes. They are about the same length as analogs, weigh about the same or slightly more, and their width is the same or very close. The ends are lit with an LED light in orange or red if a user wants to blend in with smokers.

Other colors (blue, pink, white, or green) no longer simulate the authentic look of a traditional cigarette, but they remain “cigalikes,” “smokeless cigarettes,” or “mini e-cigs.” Exterior finish is excitingly varied: from metallic to rubberized; white and yellow to lime green and blue. If you thought changing the color of your tip was rebellious, try vaping a Demon Red G6 Mini E-Cig by Halo. No one will think you’re smoking with one of those.

What are the Major Mini E-Cig Brands?

The top names in this industry are V2 Cigs, Vaporfi Halo, NJoy, Apollo, Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, Blu Cigs, Volcano, and Eversmoke. There are a few others to be aware of such as Bull Smoke, Volt, Cigavette, Starfire, Henley, White Cloud, SmokeTip, and others.

New brands keep joining the race for consumers’ business. JoyeTech mini cigs could also be counted among these theoretically since they look much the same but they operate with a detachable atomizer: the third part which has been incorporated into almost all cartridges since early 2013 or before.

Which Company Makes the Best Mini E-Cigs?

This is a personal choice which has to do with several factors. You have to like their flavors for one thing. If you cannot abide them, the gig is up. You’ll be back to smoking until you find a better alternative or you will forget about mini e-cigs and try eGo kits instead with CE4 clearomizers and countless choices of e-liquid brands and flavors.

Another issue is battery size. Since the last thing you held between your fingers was light and narrow, the thing that replaces this smelly cylinder has to weigh about the same and can’t be much bigger.

Some brands get close to the right size but prefer to give consumers just a bit more power with a larger battery (by millimeters). Starfire and Blu Cigs are known for their tiny batteries which simulate the feel of holding a cigarette better than most other brands.

For battery power, duration, and vapor production, your best choices appear to be V2 Cigs and Green Smoke. They constantly vie for position in this race. V2 Cigs is particularly well known for creating great vapor from a battery which, in spite of its size, can last two or more hours.

Green Smoke is more expensive than V2 Cigs and their flavor selection isn’t as good. They haven’t innovated in a long time to provide bigger batteries or tanks, but their cartridges are some of the best tasting.

Style-wise, Halo Cigs has something these brands aren’t as well known for: color. Sure, you can buy a Halo G6 mini cig in traditional cigarette colors, but there are so many other choices.

V2 offers white, black, pink, blue, and stainless. Halo provides Lime Green, Demon Red, and more. With this company and also V2 Cigs, you also have the choice of using blank or pre-filled cartridges, which means the flavor is up to you. Halo loses to Green Smoke and V2 Cigs because their batteries don’t hold a charge for as long.

How Do E-Cigs Work And What Are The Advantages Of Using Them?

E-cigs are fast becoming the preferred alternative to traditional cigarettes, and for a good reason. They look like real cigarettes, but they take advantage of advanced technology to simulate the effects of smoking, without the actual smoke, as it is a vaporized, water-based substance.

How E-Cigs Work

Unlike traditional cigarettes that are lit and bum, electronic cigarettes vaporize a liquid, meaning there is no harmful tar, no risk of fire, and no actual smoke.

Inside the e-cig is a wick that draws the vape juice from the cartridge and sends the juice to the atomizer. When the user draws from the device, an airflow sensor is activated, and an electric circuit is created through the battery.

Electricity flows to the atomizer, heats up the e-liquid, and transforms it into the vapor these devices are known for. The vaporized solution of nicotine goes into the mouth when the user inhales.

Components of Electronic Cigarettes

The basic components of e-cigs include an atomizer, a cartridge, a rechargeable battery, wired circuitry, and a casing that’s usually designed to mimic the appearance of a regular cigarette.

The atomizer vaporizes the nicotine solution in the cartridge so a vapor is produced each time you suck on the cigarette. Generally, the vapor is a mixture of nicotine and a food additive known as propylene glycol. However, you may choose to smoke without nicotine content. In this case, the vapor will not contain nicotine.

The act of using an e cig has become known as “vaping.” When you inhale the e-cig’s vapor, your lungs will respond in the same way as when you use an ordinary cigarette. And when you exhale, some of the leftover vapor escapes into the air and disappears almost instantly.

The cartridges can hold nicotine doses if you want to vape with nicotine. Most brands allow you to decide the nicotine level according to your preference.

Many e-cig companies offer advanced kits to allow customization of e-cigs. These kits consist of individual replaceable items, such as larger batteries or increased vapor delivery functionality, which allow you to personalize your smoking experience.

E-cigarettes resemble an ordinary cigarette. They have the same shape and appearance as a tobacco cigarette, but what differentiates their exterior look from a regular cigarette is the LED light at the tip. This light attempts to mimic the glow of burning tobacco. E-cigs can look like a stylish pen with bold colors, or they can look just like the real thing.

However, unlike tobacco cigarettes which have thousands of harmful chemicals and carcinogens, electronic cigarettes have been shown to have substantially less (this report by the RCP states long-term vapour inhalation from the e-cigarettes available today is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco).

An e-cig simply releases a water-based vapor that vanishes in the air in several seconds.

E-cigs taste and feel almost exactly like tobacco cigarettes without the bad smell, tar, ammonia, carbon monoxide, and of course, no ash. Plus, you can choose from a variety of flavors for a more enjoyable experience.

They Are Considered A Better Alternative

While electronic cigarettes still contain harmful liquid nicotine, they are considered by many to be better than traditional cigarettes since they don’t contain the associated chemicals that come from burning cigarettes. Many people who switch to personal vaporizers report feeling noticeably better.


They Can Be Cheaper*

Electronic cigarettes can significantly cheaper over the long term. Despite the higher initial cost compared to traditional nicotine products, electronic cigarettes use inexpensive refill cartridges that are often more than three times cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. Buying a vaporizer also means that you don’t have to worry about lighters or matches.

*It is possible to spend a decent amount more on vapor products with more advanced devices.

They Smell Better

Many who smoke and many around people who smoke don’t like the associated smell. With e-cigs, there is none of this, and some people, even non-smokers, even like the smell of vapor, and it typically disappears faster than smoke**, and so often there will be very little noticeable smell. (** Once again, advanced devices can emit much more vapor, and the vapor from these lingers a little longer).